Preparations towards the 2017 general elections have already started. Political activities have intensified as voter and civic education are on-going. The media have upped their reporting of the build up to the elections. In some sense, these are all exciting events! However, in another sense, these are moments of anxiety that call of individual and collective introspection. Like any other general election, the 2017election has distinctive characteristics such as intense political competitiveness, realignments, (re)strategizing and rebasing. Perhaps one of the differentiating characteristic on this year’s general election is the interplay between national and county electioneering dynamics and political party positioning.
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Introduction The study aims to contribute to the advancement of a holistic child education in Kenya. The guiding research question in this study was to establish the centrality of value-based education, particularly through the use of audio-visuals in schools, homes, and religious spaces. These are spaces where children spend a considerable time and therefore likely to influence their attitudes and character formation.

While teachers provide the essential classroom learning that children need for their academic performance, there is a significant gap in providing children with value based education. Learning also takes place in the families, among peers and in institutions such as the church, and on various media platforms.

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