Peace in South Sudan remains an elusive concept that is contributed to by leadership that does not respond to the needs of the community. From February 2019 to November 2019, Jesuits Hakimani Center (JHC) has worked with South Sudanese university students and religious institutions in advocating for responsible leadership in South Sudan. JHC together with the religious groups and the university students have come up with an advocacy strategy that helps in achieving peace in South Sudan. JHC has been working through the church hierarchy in particular KCCB, Association of Members Episcopal Conference of Eastern Africa (AMECEA) and South Sudan Bishops to aid in creating a link to the high levels of governance and the university students to create a link to the grassroots level.

JHC did this by: a) Contributing to the use of evidence and knowledge in policies and programs related to leadership and peace building: b) To better government responsiveness to citizens engagement on advocacy and leadership.

Through these interventions, South Sudan leaders at the national and local level will begin to make decisions geared towards improved service delivery to the community, restoration of law and order, improved governance and peace that will see repatriation of South Sudanese refugees and internally displaced persons. The project outcome is centered towards having an inclusive governance system which will create a sense of ownership to the South Sudanese. The South Sudanese will have a shift in attitude, knowledge and practice regarding conflict resolution as they will have a personal responsibility of campaigning and advocating for peace building and conflict resolution initiatives in the country. In this regard, the citizens will be actively involved in matters pertaining law and order as well as development initiatives.

JHC’s theory of change sought through the collaboration with the Bishops at the regional level to advocate for peace mechanisms and inclusive governance structure at the high level of leadership.

Target areas
• South Sudanese in Kenya
• South Sudan