I am a mother of 9 children and so there is need for a lot of water to cater for the domestic needs of the household. Before the installation of the solar pump, the diesel pump used to breakdown many times and I had to go with my children and other women to the river to fetch water which is 2 km away. When fetching water in the river, the children and other women would keep on throwing stones into the river in order to distract the crocodiles which would be lurking under the water ready to attack the one fetching the water. I had to wake up every morning at 5am and walk to the river so that I am back by 6am to prepare the children to go to school. The water is not clean so we had to boil it and let it settle before we could use it. The children used to suffer from water borne diseases due to using contaminated water.  I used to spend about Ksh.3, 000 every month for treatment of the children .With the solar pump, I have a tap of water outside my house and access water easily for use. I have planted some tree seedlings in the compound which I water and when they are strong I transplant them in my farm. I am one of the members of the Nanighi Water Users Committee and therefore responsible for collecting the money from the households. Since the water is pumped every day from 4pm to 6pm I have increased the number of storage containers mainly 20 litre jericans which I use to store the water. Access to water in my compound has enabled me to use the time I used to fetch water from the river which was about 4 hours every day to do business, take care of the 9 children, do house chores and beautify my compound.”