I am in charge of the operation of the machines in the solar pump is located. I usually take care of the maintenance of the machines and make sure that I switch on the pump every day at 4pm and close it 6pm so that all the members of community can access water. I work closely with the community members and the members of the Nanighi Water Users Committee to ensure that any repairs of the pipes that leak are done immediately so as to reduce water wastage that translates to loss of revenue. The solar pump is easier to operate and the maintenance costs are very low. We used to spend Ksh.16, 000 every 6 months for maintenance and Ksh.21, 600 every month on fuel. We now only use Ksh.2, 500 for emergency fuel for the diesel pump just in case the solar pump is overwhelmed due to lack of enough power on cloudy days. The only challenge is the pipe bursts which are caused by people or vehicles or old age. We are in the process of replacing the old pipes to reduce leakages.”