After attending a water dialogue forum for women in March of 2018 with discussions centering on water access, water as a right, water harvesting and management and organized by JHC, Kibibi Charo fitted gutters and a tank with a holding capacity of 1000 liters for rain water harvesting. She uses the water collected (after treating) for cooking and drinking. Before fitting the gutter, Kibibi Charo used to spend Ksh.600 per month (i.e., Ksh 5 per every 20 liter jerrican, four jericans per day, times 30 days in a month). Kibibi Charo has continued to spread the message on rain water harvesting and conservation to her 7 sons and 22 tenants as well as to 15 members of Ushirikiano women group in Bicharo Yaa Village, in Mtwapa.

Kibibi Charo has continued to be a leading role-model in her homestead and in her village, which has 25 households and two churches.  Out of her effort, the county government earmarked her village for a borehole, which was drilled in January 2019. This borehole is serving more than 64 households for free except a minimal maintenance cost of about Kshs 10 per day per household.  A typical household that could easily spend Kshs 50 per day for water (i.e., Kshs 1500 per month or Kshs 18000 per year) is now spending only a fifth of the total amount.  The saved amount can now be used for several things: either to buy supplementary food or pay for extra books and pens for the children or even support local religious activities.

The proximity of the borehole has also cut down the distance-walked to fetch water from 5Kms to 1 km. Since they do not cover the long distances to collect water anymore, the time is now used to pursue income generating activities while school going children can concentrate more on finishing school  assignments – hence performance in school improves.

Kibibi Charo has shown innovativeness by planting lemon grass and banana tuber by using the water that drips from the borehole tap when the community members come to fetch water. She
also plans to start a vegetable nursery behind her house, not far from the
borehole tap.