Terry Kahindi ( extreme left) training a group of youth on roof water harvesting at New Visionaries Arts Group offices in Kwa Jeki in Mtwapa, Kilifi South Sub-county

In addition, Mr. Terry conducted 40 door-to-door campaigns. She also sensitized 22 girls on environmental conservation and water re-usage. She achieved this feat by organizing sensitization fora with the girls during school holidays. After the numerous capacity building sessions usually held under a tree, Terry and the group of girls organized a holiday community clean-up event in Kwa Jeki that attracted a total participation of 30 school going youth. Terry and the girls are planning for a tree planting event in August 2019 during the school holiday calendar.

Apart from conducting capacity building of youth and community members and door -to-door campaigns, Terry has also pushed for the renovation of a borehole in Kwa Jeki (Barani).  Hailing from Barani, Terry saw the need to rally some of her friends to renovate a stalled borehole. Before its renovation in January 2019, Terry’s household and of other 40 households used to walk and covered a distance of 2.2 km to fetch water from a water vendor’s borehole just for domestic use. After covering that distance, the water carrying women, girls and youth had to buy this water at Ksh. 5 for a 20 litres container.

On average, a household of eight members could spend between Ksh. 50 – Ksh. 150 per day depending on whether they do laundry or not. After the renovation of their community borehole, most household saved between Ksh. 1500 per month (or Ksh. 18000 per year) and Ksh. 4500 per month (or Ksh. 54000 per year). This savings was possible because the Kwa Jeki community can now access water from the borehole free of charge. The borehole water is pumped manually. These savings are mainly used to buy day to day foodstuffs that in turn supplements dietary family needs.

Besides, the time spent to cover long distances to fetch water has since been reduced thus the community members use the time to pursue additional income generating activities while school going children dedicate more of their time to their studies and finishing their school assignments.

Terry – “Before meeting Jesuit Hakimani Centre, we had limited knowledge on utilization of water, environmental conservation as well as awareness that safe and clean water was a right. After attending several forums organized by JHC held at Save Community offices in 2018, I realized that with the knowledge gained I could contribute to alleviating challenges in my village, which was facing serious water access and water management challenges. I felt deep down me for the need to do something especially after the training by JHC. It is for this reason that I have been championing for water re-usage, rain water harvesting and advocating for accountability by county government officials like our local MCA. We really appreciate JHC for the exposure on climate change and the need to build resilience and change community mind sets and behavior to respond accordingly.”